repair and upgrade

Service Software, Diagnose, or Virus Removal INCLUDING BACK OF PERSONAL FILES Price $40.00 pr. hr.
Service Computer repair and Upgrade Service Computer Repair $45.00 first hour and flat rate repair estimate
You will not be charged first hour fee if work is done at Vipercompc
 1. CALL and have your P.C. picked up VIPERCOMPC. @ 818-256-6007
 2. Just have your desktop or laptop picked up- leave the keyboard etc. at home. $45.00 to look and if we carry out repair the $45.00 will be applied.
 3. Explain the symptoms to us and we’ll diagnose the problem.
 4. We will recommend a solution in no time.
 5. PC repair includes an estimate for any parts needed. If you're happy, we'll carry out the computer repair.
 6. We will let you know how long it will take.
 7. We will give you a full service report when you collect your pc or laptop.
 8. We will answer any questions you have on the computer repair.
 9. Experience a rejuvenated PC and enjoy your computer with a new lease of life.

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