About Vipercompc

I got into this business to help solve the greatest puzzle of them all. To help the home user and small business
to Succeed and to take on the big guys. I believe everyone can get a computer without going broke and use it without having to go to school My goal is to bring affordable computers repair and service to you make them fun and trouble free. custom built and a chance to grow with your needs. Upgrade your computer today and save let me see what you have Ill find a way to fix it or build a new computer/laptop

For P.C. Repair Desktop/Laptop upgrades or if you want to start your own website nothing will enhance your computer experience like calling Vipercompc for help 818256-6007

We have a full line of products to help and support 5 days a week between 8am-6pm Mon - fri for Computer repair


My computer broke all of a sudden. I was playing World of Warcraft and
I heard a sound and everything froze up. Nothing worked. My comp wouldn't even boot up.
I didn't have a lot of money and Vipercompc help me save a ton of money and got my comp back
to where I can play my video game again. Customer service was the best
I had ever encountered with any company, that I have had fix my computer. Thanks Chris

I had this old computer(4yrs old)
that I used every day to play World of Warcraft (W.o.W.).
I rarely had any issues with my game play except I had to lower my graphic settings a bit so I didn't have any lag which sucked a bit. Once the new expansion: Wrath of the Litch King came out my computer started having a lot of issues playing the game. I had to lower all my graphic settings and was forced to run with 13 at the highest to 6 frame rates per second and could not do any large multiplayer encounters or it would lag so badly that I could not even move my avatar one inch and
eventually would become disconnected from the internet. I got in touch with Vipercompc and talk with the company and got an awesome deal with a
computer specifically designed to handle the immense pressures World of Warcraft was putting on my already failing computer. Now I am totally
Excited and amazed at how well performance wise my new computer I bought from Vipercompc works. I can play multiple applications in the background and still play WoW and the thing I am most excited about is I can put all my graphic settings maxed out and get 30-60 frame rates per second (frps) and get a much more visual experience playing the game virtually lag free. It's really awesome! Now I am one of those guys in
the game who has a bitchin ass computer ha-ha

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